Friday, May 9, 2008

New Kids on the Block

I broke down and bought a goat yesterday...ok, two goats. I had visited a dairy with my friend the day before and found that they are selling off all of their goats. With food prices the way they are, and the economy the way it is, I am trying to be a little more self sufficient. While these girls won't be milkers for a while, they were less expensive than a full grown doe. In fact, I got both of them for less money than I'd spend for just one adult. And goats like company. And I want the girls to be comfortable with me long before I start milking. And my kids like the kids.

Here they are:

She is a La Mancha/Alpine cross: (notice the tongue!)

And she is a Nubian/Saanen cross: (she still has a little milk left on her nose after drinking!)

And here is Emily the Goatherd:

And remember my chicks and ducks? Here they are now!:

I just love spring!


  1. Aren't they cute! I'm still trying to decide if we want goats or not after we move.

  2. I really do like goats. I love that they will eat all of the weeds down, that they give milk that is hypoallergenic, and if you get them young you can train them to be really friendly.

    Ours came from a dairy where they were bottle-fed, so they love people.

    I have great plans of milking them and using excess milk to make soap...we'll see how that goes! ;-)

  3. I like the fact that they can be friendly and that they give milk. I'm scared off by all I've heard about how hard they are to fence. I keep going back and forth between sheep and goats. I guess it will depend on what type of place we end up getting.

  4. Christy, I didn't see your comment 'til just now, so I don't know if you'll see my response, but I'll go ahead and leave one anyway, just in case. ;-)

    I love goats. I had one sheep, but it was when I was pregnant and/or lactating, so I didn't bond with it. It was skittish around me. I've had the same experience with goats; that is why I wanted a bottle fed goat this time.

    But, I can tell you that I have had very little trouble with keeping my goats fenced. I won't say I have never had them get out, but I really don't remember a time when they did. I just fence in the area with 6' field fencing and t-posts. As long as I keep them in leaves, grass, or hay they are perfectly happy.

    Goats are great for milk, but someday when I don't have little children to care for I'd love to learn how to card, spin, and weave wool from my own sheep. Notice I leave out wanting to learn how to shear my sheep...that has never been a desire. :-)

  5. P.S. the pregnant/lactating thing just meant I didn't have extra time for a goat. sorry for any confusion at that comment!