Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Our church youth group is going to Martin's Cove this summer, and they are trying to raise money to cover the costs. The youth are having an auction in a few weeks, and have asked everyone to help by making crafts, volunteering services, making baked goods, etc.

I was trying to decide how I could help when I remembered this fabric covered journal that I made for Amber when she got baptized:

So today I took the kids and went shopping for fabric. I found quite a few cute/nice/pretty patterns, and have enough fabric for 7 journals and enough books to make 2 - I'll have to go back for more books as they are available.

I have been toying with the idea of setting up an Etsy shop of my own and starting by selling some journals and then add new crafts to that as they happen. So I've decided that any left over journals from the auction will be the beginning of a new adventure! If there are no left over journals, I will still start a store; it may just take me a little bit longer to get started.

Amber noticed that I like doing crafts and sewing in the summer...I'm afraid I'm doing things backwards! I wish that I enjoyed doing those things in the winter when there isn't a garden or baby animals to care for! Ah well, I can still work on extra projects during the hottest part of those long summer days!

A few weeks ago as I was looking at some potholders my grandma made for me, I decided that I'd like to start making my own cute potholders for myself and for gifts. Quite by accident, a few days after deciding that I want to start sewing potholders, I ran across a great book on amazon.com:

It is available on June 2nd, and I want a copy! I found a few bloggers talking about their additions to the book, and they look adorable!

I'll update with pics of the new journals soon!

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