Wednesday, May 14, 2008


What a springtime this is and has been! So many new animals coming into our home...and going right back out again! ;-)

We "donated" our kittens to a pet store in a far-awayish town yesterday (about 35 min away). They were happy to be receiving and we were happy (more or less) to be giving. Too many kittens spoil a household. My older cats were reverting to kitten behavior of not always using the litterbox. I hate that! And the kittens, though I tried hard, did not always make it to the litterbox without being locked in a doggy kennel with nowhere else to go but in the litterbox. Now we are starting life afresh without the kittens. As of last week, two of my three indoor cats are now "fixed". The third came down with an unexplained fever on the spay day, so she will need to return later. We still have two outside cats and a litter of kittens to deal with, but at least they are OUTSIDE!

Most of the chicks are outside. The only indoor chicks are the cochins and brahmas. Those babies are slow to mature! They are just getting some of their body feathers as we speak, while the other birds of their same age have had theirs for quite some time. The brahmas look about ready to go outside, though, so two down, five to go.

The two "fast-growing" (too slow for my taste!) chickens are ready to be butchered. The others are still coming along. And I have a litter of rabbits that are almost ready.

The ducks are grown and quacking.

But the baby goats are still needing to be bottle fed, and there is no relief in sight. They are adorable, though, and make us feel like Mary with her little lamb when we let them out of their corral and they follow us around wherever we go.

My apricot tree is starting to grow its fruit. My volunteer spinach is doing great! (We have eaten two salads from it so far.) The strawberries that I planted last fall are flowering. One of my two rhubarb plants that I planted this spring has taken hold. My apple tree is blossoming (and smelling wonderfully!) I need to transplant my cabbage plants into the garden.....should have been done already, but our weather has been absolutely crazy! And I still need to work on the warm weather plants like tomatoes, peppers, squash, green beans, corn.

Steve has been making hay while the sun shines by teaching internet classes in addition to working for card cafe We are trying to pay off our debts slowly but surely.

My kids are calling, so time to go feed a bottle!

Have a great springtime day!

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