Friday, March 28, 2008

Filling the Freezer

Overheard this morning: "You fell on your wrist, that's how you got your concussion." (Matt talking to Emily)

I bought some meat chickens yesterday at IFA. I wasn't going to buy meat chickens this year, but they lowered the price to $1 apiece and I couldn't pass up the deal! Our goal for the year is to get some meat tucked away in our freezer and vegies from our garden bottled and in the pantry, so I figured it would help us with our goal. Steve loves the idea of eating the chicken, it is just the in between stuff he is unsure of; I, on the other hand, am looking forward to the beautiful bottles of fruit in my pantry, but am not looking forward to bottling!

The chicks that I bought yesterday are about 2 weeks old and have their wing feathers and most of the feathers on their bodies. My ducklings are now about a month old. I am thinking of rigging a light to a chicken tractor that Steve and I made a few years ago (look at some pics of chicken tractors at That would keep the mess and smell out of my house.

My meat chickens never taste like store bought, which is a little sad too. They are tougher. I was talking to Jared last night and he wondered if I let them free range too much, and so they get too muscle-y. That might explain it. He suggested putting them in a smaller encloser so that they can still walk around, but not run around and strengthen their muscles. Maybe we'll try it.

I also need to build/buy some nesting boxes and build a hen house. We have had a goat shed to protect them from the weather, but I could put nesting boxes in a hen house and keep them in the house overnight to protect them from critters and maybe redirect their egg laying to a nesting box instead of bushes and behind trees. Every day is like an Easter egg hunt at our house.

I'm also thinking of a way to make a small pond for the ducks without taking away space from our garden and without it getting stagnant and smelly. I am still looking into it.

Today, though, I have to take my mom to the doctor and have him check/rebandage her incision site from her surgery on Wednesday. She is getting ready for dialisis and had a fistula created. Here is a site explaining fistulas if you are intereste:

I also am feeling a little under the weather, so aside from necessary tasks I plan on taking the day off.

Have a great day!

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