Tuesday, April 29, 2008


A funny thing happened. My son mowed the neighbor's lawn yesterday, but look what sprang up overnight:

My other son looked out upon the dandelions standing taller than the grass and said that it makes him think the dandelions must be saying, "Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!" I happen to agree.

I think the dandelion garden is wonderful. Not that I am vindictive toward my neighbors or anything, they are actually very nice people. But I happen to LOVE dandelions! They are easy to grow, taking no care whatsoever, and they are beautiful! I love having my children bring me the first "flowers" of the season, and I'm never upset when they pick them. Other flowers I worry about them killing, but dandelions are resilient. When the dandelion turns white with maturity, my children (and secretly, I do too!) love to make a wish and blow the little helicopters, sending them sailing away, floating upon the breeze (hopefully NOT the reason my neighbors have a dandelion garden). My mom, a child of the Great Depression, even talks about eating dandelion salad as a kid (as a side note, I plan on trying that this year). And even Robert Fulghum has even written an essay eulogizing the dandelion's many qualities.

For my neighbor’s sake, I hope that they enjoy their wildflowers as much as I do!

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