Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Keepin' it Real" Kind of Mindset Today

I read a blog regularly that occassionaly has a "Keepin' it Real" pic or story. A lot of her posts are about remodeling her house and the pics are of this beautiful room that is clean and new. The last "Keepin' it Real" pic was of the same laundry room she'd shot all beautiful and new a little while ago, but this time it looked used: baskets of dirty laundry with a few items strewn on the floor.

Well, let's just say that I am having a laundry-room-with-items-strewn-on-the-floor kind of mindset today. Now this isn't a terrible, depressed kind of mindset; just a kind of jumbled, unsettled, untidy, kind of mindset.

I am sitting at the computer typing this while still having on my pj's at 9:30 in the morning, while the rest of my family (minus Michael, who is sitting on the couch singing to the dog) is in church. I have a sinus infection, so if I was decapitated I'd be alright...well, not quite, but you get the idea.

I am thinking about the course of the day:
I will cook lunch and dinner, and probably make cookies and bread later. It will be my choice. I really hate lying in bed, even when I'm sick.

Later today my son will have to "do away with" 2 baby bunnies. Seems the momma started nibbling on her babies' ears and wore them to a nub. Poor little dears are plump and healthy except for the no ear thing. It breaks my heart when nature fails so badly!

Which brings me to another sorrow of mine: remember those cute little bunnies from Easter? Only a few were born totally healthy. Five more were born with splayed legs. I had a couple of batches last year with the same problem. I've talked to two other bunny breeders who have quized me to gain insight as to why this would happen, and none of us can figure out the cause. I am worried about what is in the water or lacking from the commercial feed I buy, but still have no leads. So those will have to be put down too.

And I have a couple of rabbits with ear mites.

Those are the sad, hard realities of farm life, dangit.

On the same blog I was talking about earlier, there is this picture and story of a calf born with a foot growing out of its back.

I hate dealing with the bad parts of life, but it seems there isn't really a choice if I'm going to live it.

On a happier note: Chickens are way easier than rabbits! They are hardy, and sturdy, and very little happens to them. They just eat and lay eggs. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than turning the kitchen scraps into beautiful, huge, brown eggs with a dark golden yolk. My farm eggs aren't the pale, sickly yellow of store bought eggs, boy! They are REAL! And these little successes make me continue to live the farm lifestyle.

Last night my mom sent home three loaves of a whole grain bread. My kids will eat it, but don't love it like Steve & I do, and since I was at a loss as to what to make for dinner, I made French Toast with my mom's bread and my homegrown eggs and some reconstitued powdered milk and a little vanilla. I put REAL Maple Syrup from Vermont on mine, and the rest of the family put the fake stuff on theirs. Nothing is better than real food! When I eat the fake maple syrup I get soooo sick, but when I eat the real stuff I feel good. Mostly real whole grain bread dipped in real,homegrown, range-fed chicken eggs topped with real butter and real maple syrup is good food!

Oh! Speaking of good food: On Friday a friend and I found a Mermaid Cookbook. It is adorable! Fun recipes! Take a look at the table of contents! Yummy stuff!

There was other cookbooks available too, like The Princess Cookbook and The Fairy Cookbook, too. The links I have given are for Take a look and ooh and aah like I did!

May your Sabbath be a restful and happy one!

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