Thursday, April 17, 2008

Checking In

I've been away too long! After getting the kids in bed I decided that I needed to check in for a minute.

Monday was a crazy day! I got my chicks from McMurray Hatchery! 22 chicks. 5 Barred Rocks, 2 Black Australorps, 2 Light Brahmas, 4 Black Stars (Black Sex Links), 3 Araucanas, some Cochins, and a free Polish. I had also ordered some for my neighbor and forgot that I could request them to mark her chicks so that it would be easy to separate her order from mine. It took a couple of hours to get them set up and sorted out. By then I was wondering why I love working with chicks so well... All of them lived with no fatalities in the bunch! They are beautiful little fluff balls. I will post a pic of them ASAP.

On Tuesday I took my daughter to get her learner's permit at the DMV. She was a bundle of nerves, but passed with flying colors! It took two hours from start to finish. We had the three youngest with us. After waiting for over an hour, my 8 yos said, "I think I'll go back into the bathroom and rest for awhile. They have a sturdy station in there that I can lay down on." While I was still laughing at his remark, a worker called out, "Michael." to which my youngest son Michael said loudly, "What?" Kids are a hoot!

Wednesday was a friend day for my kids. Each spent most of the day with their friends, hanging out or going to the movie.

And today has been a catch-up day for me. Not for work, but for me. It is sometimes exhausting work being a chauffer, an entertainer, a nurse, a mediator, a maid, and the list goes on and on; the title is usually just called "Mother", but it takes 10 paid employees to do the work of 1 mother! During my kids' Spring Break I had anticipated and planned to do a lot of jobs that usually go undone done: painting, organizing, washing walls and windows, etc. But today, after picking up a kid from a sleep over and taking a neighbor to the bank and the store, I came home and took a nap and watched tv with some of my kids. I made meatloaf for dinner, helped my daughter make some bread, and watched Smallville with the family (can you believe Lex? What a psycho!), and just hung out. I should have used every minute to get spring cleaning done, but sometimes I remember to stop and smell the roses. Today the roses smelled wonderful!

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