Thursday, March 27, 2008

Following the Rambling Roads in My Mind

Oh so many thoughts have come to me in the past couple of days!

Due to need, I am trying to figure out fencing information: how much fencing material do I already have, how much more do I need, who will dig my fence posts (Steve has offered to pay someone for me, but doesn't want to do it), do I have enough confidence to try to put one up myself. One *is* going around the perimeter of my lot this year! I can cross fence later to make all the yards link together (i.e. putting up a cinderblock fence on the driveway, creating a patio to bar-b-que on and link front yard to side yard.) It must be done to give Michael more freedom, yet containing him safely, and for my dogs. My neighbors will love me for it.

I have decided to go back to college. Ok, I never decided not to go back to college, just the "when" has always been an issue. I think I am almost to the "when". I have also decided how to go about it. I am going to get a one year certificate in Early Childhood Education, since it has all of the "extra" requirements for the Early Childhood Education Associates Degree; all that I would be lacking is the GE's for the Associates, so I will get the Associates after the Certificate. Then I want to have a preschool in my home M-F, having two sessions going: a younger class for late 3 early 4 year olds on T & Th and one for older 4 and 5 year olds on M W & F. All sessions would be finished by noon, leaving the rest of the day for the family. I am also thinking of getting my, I'm not sure what it is called, but a certificate or license or whatever to cut hair, and convert the existing "garage" (which might hold a teeny weeny mini couper, but that's it!) into a beauty/barber shop. I would cut hair by appt. only and around my schedule. And I can sell Brite Music on the side! (It is something I've always wanted to do! Look at the music on Brite music is sold at "parties" like Tupperware is. I may just do pieces and parts to my goal, but I'd really like to make a little extra money to pay down debts and also to be prepared in case anything should happen to Steve. I certainly wouldn't want to work minimum wage and go to college while raising children again!

Oh! And I've decided that with Steve's blessing I *will* get a border collie when Madam (our current border collie) dies. I'll name her a name similar to Madam, since she will be her successor. Since "Madam" is a married lady, I was thinking of "Mademoiselle" (an unwed lady - she'll be spayed), but since it is too much of a mouthful, I think I'll go with Ella or Ellie. Cute huh!? So if I can talk Steve into it....

All of these goals on top of repainting and remodeling when needed, gardening, taking care of my myriads of animals, mothering my children, and tending to the meals and housekeeping, I think I should stay plenty busy!

The future is an exciting place!

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