Sunday, March 9, 2008


On Saturday night, we had a family game night. It was great fun! We played Balderdash.

If you've never played Balderdash before, you are missing out! On each Balderdash card there are five categories: words, people, initials, movies, and dates. One player has the real answer and everyone else writes their idea of what the answer is and tries to buffalo the other opponents into believing their definition is the real one.

During our game on Saturday night there was one answer in particular that was hilarious! The title of the move was: "Ladies Should Listen". The funniest plot summary was written by Amber, my oldest daughter. She wrote that the movie was "about a lady who was in a restroom when all of a sudden she heard another person farting frequently, but randomly. The first lady decided to get out of there before her nose exploded. Then the next day in the newspaper a woman was found dead in the bathroom. Turns out the 2nd lady was farting in morse code. LADIES SHOULD LISTEN" Too funny!


Another funny happened today in my son's 3 year old church class. The teacher had taught the children that Heavenly Father and Jesus made everything on the earth for them: seeds, apple trees, apples, flowers, and water that lets everything grow. Later, as a review, she went around the table and asked each child a question. (Names changed to protect the innocent)
"Sarah, who made the apples?" "Jesus." "That's right!"
"Sam, who made the beautiful flowers?" "Heavenly Father!" "Right!"
"Tommy, who gave us water to drink and to water the flowers?" "Sponge Bob!"


A new family was asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting today. It is a blended family, so all seven children, ranging in age from four to fourteen (with 3 ten year olds!)spoke, along with the mom and dad. They came in just as the opening song was finishing, and the person asking the invocation waited for them to sit down before he prayed. The mom was the first to speak and apologized for being late. She also told us that they realized too late that one of the kids forgot their talk at home. When the fourteen year old stood up to give his talk he said that he was the lucky person who forgot his talk. Poor kid tried to wing it, but forgot most of what he was supposed to say. The dad's turn came 10 minutes before the close of the meeting and said that this was one of the times that he really appreciated having such a big family (since he didn't have to talk for long). They are great people and they did a great job....and it was very entertaining too.

It has been a good weekend!

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