Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow. blah. And some good news!::March 1

Snow. That's all.

Best wishes,

Okay, not really, though it has felt that way all day. I detest the blahs. But alas, they still happen.

We didn't go to my brother's doctor's appointment this morning. You guessed it, because of the snow. I did drive the kids to school and Jared to work. Going 45 miles per hour on the interstate. The road really needed to be salted. I'm sure the snowplow guy did his best, but ice was left over and ruts formed.

So instead of going to the doc's, I fixed the blinds in the dining room. I don't think a happily perfect blind can hang up in a toddler's home for very long before one side of the blinds have been broken off from them grabbing it and pulling it over their heads to look out. But, it is fixed. And since I don't have a toddler until Saturday, it has exactly 48 hours to breathe easily.

On a brighter note, Jared got a full time job at a local greenhouse! He'll be working 57 hours a week at first, which will translate into lots of moolah that he can save for his mission.

From my facebook status yesterday:
My little boy is growing up. :') Jared just got a full time job. Kind of a melancholy moment.
He makes my job as a parent very easy. Graduating early. Full time job to save money for his mission. Other than his diabetes, he is a low maintenance kid. And I am very, very thankful that he chooses things that make my job as a parent so easy.

He is an amazing guy and I'm so excited for him. He has been working at Wendy's, but has only been scheduled about 10 hours a week; he had posted a note saying he'd take anyone's shift and got a few more hours a week that way, but this will be perfect for him.

Here's hoping tomorrow is sunny!

Wishing you all the best♥,

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