Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Centus - Saying goodbye was harder than she thought::March 3

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The prompt this week is: Saying goodbye was harder than she thought...

Number of words: 100 PLUS the seven words of the prompt for a maximum of 107 words.
Style of writing: Any
Pictures: As many extra pictures as you like

The old woman was bedridden and had to rely on nurses and aides to care for her.

Several times she had been sick enough to die, but she pulled through. It was because of her stubbornness, she said. Her family agreed.

Because of pain and sickness, she often complained and was crotchety.

I knew I loved her. I told her so, and I always felt it. Yet, in the back of my mind, sometimes I felt like a burden would be lifted when she passed away. After eight months of her being gone now, I realize that saying goodbye was harder than I thought.

(I cheated a tiny bit by adding "I" instead of "she" in the prompt. I hope it doesn't bother anyone too much.)


  1. We have a theme going here with saying good bye to older folks. Nice is never easy and always there is some twinge of guilt somewhere in the corner!

  2. Even when it's expected and inevitable it's still hard. (I don't think you'll go to prison for your 'cheat')

  3. Your text fits in well with the seriousness of this theme.
    Best wishes,
    Goodbye Pierre - SCwk 96

  4. It'll be fine! You wrote a perfect piece and that's what counts!

  5. We really need to appreciate the time with our loved ones once they get older, even though the relationship takes a little more patience at that point.

    If we don't, we will likely live to regret it.


  6. oh no, a word cheater. Don't let the Saturday Centus police catch you! :) Well done. I enjoyed your personalized take on the prompt!

  7. Awwww, I know a couple of old dolls you could be referring to...sick and crabby, loved nonetheless.

    (Psssst... I don't think anyone would have noticed you changed on little word)


  8. So true. You struck a note with me. I've felt that same way. Beautiful story.

  9. Yeah...I almost cheated but decided I could go along with it.
    Your post tugs at heart strings and has so much truth to it. My husband and I sigh and shake our head at the difficulties we experience with his mother.... but the love is there and we don't want to have to say good-bye!

  10. I hope I'm not crotchedy in my old age.

    Your grandson is sweet!~Ames

  11. My grandfather has been sick and it's difficult to see him so frail and week. In my mind he is the strong, forceful, energetic man who took me camping as a child. Sometimes I wish he would just let go because it is so sad to see him like that. And other times I cannot imagine life without his presence.

    Saying good bye is always difficult. Visiting from Saturday Centus

  12. It is a relief when the old and crotchety pass on...but, well it their age and the circumstances they are in that make them so...and we realize this only after they are gone.

  13. Nice take on the prompt.

  14. I think the feelings you describe here are so human and true of anyone who has watched an aged relative decline. Nicely done - and I think changing she to I is perfectly normal since you were writing in first person.

  15. Melody, I think someone should have shown her the picture of your Grandson. That would make anyone smile!

    This is always human nature, isn't it?

    Sometimes we don't know what to appreciate it until it's gone!

    Great little gem of an SC! Thanks for sharing it.