Friday, March 30, 2012

This Moment::Happy 18th Birthday to Jared!::March 30

No pic for "this moment" today, but instead, a tribute to my 18 year old Jared.

Today, he is officially an adult, though I have seen him as one for the past month, ever since I dropped him off at his adult job making as much money as his older brother and brother-in-law. It was then that I realized that he could move out and sustain himself, if that's what he chose to do. Graduating early is also one of his adult-like accomplishments too, which is what he did this past January.

He has always been a hard worker, and I still hear people that he did yard work for years ago say what a great worker he is. I am so proud of this boy/man.

Here is a tribute that I wrote to him on his 15th birthday, full of funny stories about him as a little kid.

I sure love you Jare! Happy 18th Birthday!


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