Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Centus:: It was only ninety-eight cents

The prompt this week is: It was only ninety-eight cents...

Number of words: 98 EXACTLY including the 5 words of the prompt.
Style of writing: Any so long as the total word count is EXACTLY 98 words
Pictures: As many extra pictures as you like.

She was so cuddly and fluffy. I closed my eyes and pushed my face deeper into her downy softness that tickled my nose.

She was perfect: white with black patches. I’d name her Patches!

I saw the price tag: $10. Tears sprang to my eyes. I kissed the fluff ball kitten and put her back in the box.

The lady put her arm around me and asked how much money I had. I counted: it was only ninety-eight cents. She said that Patches loved me and that she wanted me to only pay my ninety-eight cents. Happy Day!

Now it's your turn! Come play with us :)


  1. Oh lovely story.

  2. What a nice lady...and a good friend to both your cat lover and the sweet kitty she got to take home at a BIG discount.


  3. A happy ending! At first I thought you were talking about the bunny in your header:@)

  4. Such a sweet story...would it happen to be true?

  5. that was a very sweet story! wonderful take on the prompt!

  6. Oh, so tender and sweet and true to life...very well done ! BTW, your grandson Aiden is adorable !!!

  7. I'm sure many a child has come about a kind person like the one in your story
    have a gr8 week

  8. Patches found the best home!!!!

  9. Wow Melody, this is a really happy story from you.
    The little kids need a break now and then especially when they are strapped for money the basic toys.

  10. Oh Melody. This is sweet. I want to believe that things like that still happen in the world!

    I hope they do!

    This was really heartwarming and lovely. Thank you for sharing it.