Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Still Life::Vegies & New Year's Resolutions

Yesterday, Steve brought home some vegies and for some reason placed them carefully on the table. I saw them, saw the beautiful, complimentary colors and had to take a picture.

I took the picture with the natural light (coming in through the window) at 4:30 p.m. The aperture was set to about 29, so that I could make sure all of the vegies were in focus; the ISO was set to 400, to prevent the graininess that my camera produces at 800; so that left the shutter speed to come up with the difference: 15 seconds. A tripod had to be used, of course, but the final result was just what I was looking for: beautiful colors, all in focus, and the lighting was perfect. (In fact, I loved it so much I sent the pic to the printer's for 4x6 and 5x7 copies that will be in my etsy shop sometime next week. :)

Also yesterday I came up with some resolutions and my word: Bloom.
Here is what I wrote down:
Word: Bloom

1) Turn my home into a haven.I have looked at other houses, but none have been able to win over my heart more than the one I’m in.
I like the cottage look of my home. I like my neighbors and my neighborhood. I like the people in my small town and I like that they know and like me and my family.

I want to see the shortcomings in my home and try to find ways to turn them around into things that add beauty and value.
For instance:
I don’t like that we notice the billboard & freeway. Solution: lacy draperies would work nicely to add beauty and also to semi block the view.
I need to put the fence back up and paint the house this year.
I need to fix the flooring: it will never be any better than it is right now until it is fixed.
Organize what we have, store what we need/want, and get rid of stuff we won’t use or that is unusable.

2) Become a part of the/a community (town related “stuff”) I’m in, or join a group to give me that sense of belonging.

3) Make sure I’m living and not just surviving. The past few years have made it hard to concentrate on taking care of myself, but I can’t live that way very long. Take the time (and a little money, if needed) to take care of myself. (Photography only counts if it is truly play.)

4) Worry less about what people might think of me and worry more about how I view myself. In the end, I will be a better person for it.

5) Play harder. I work and I rest. I need to allow myself to play more often and with more enthusiasm.

6) Have a schedule as part of my routine. Take time to sit down and evaluate how my day is going and make a schedule, when needed, to get myself back on track.

7) Live healthier.
Take good quality supplements.
Eat healthy foods.
Make menus to ensure that over-all nutrition is happening.
Be active: Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes, whether it is going for a walk, working out with a video, or playing an active game/sport.

I have some things to work on, schedules to make, and menus to plan.

What about you? Are you a word & resolution person too? I've been looking around at other people's blogs to see what they are doing, and it seems to be about 50/50. If you feel comfortable sharing in the comments, I'd love to know about yours.

Have a terrific day!


  1. How inspiring - I really need to sit down and do this. My list so far, just looks like a schedule of activities. :)

  2. I'm really becoming a fan!! (this is Bev!)

  3. LOL! I is tricky to write resolutions that *don't" look that way. Good luck with them! :)

  4. Oh, Melody, "Bloom" is an absolutely beautiful word! I love it. It's so promising and sweet and lovely.
    I'm so happy for you!

  5. Oh--and the photo is gorgeous! :)

  6. Stephanie: Thanks for the photo love! And thanks, I think "bloom" is a perfect word for the growth that I need to do this year. :)

  7. You are the only person I know who has a word for the year. But I love the idea, and I love your word. I never realized it until just now, but I do usually have a phrase or a quote that inspires me towards the change I want that I repeat to myself throughout the year. Last year, if I had picked a word, it would have been "calm." I reduced the amount of things I was doing. I reduced the amount of stuff in my house. (that made Christmas a little tricky--how to not undo all the good I'd done in reducing stuff!) I stopped hanging out so much with the 2 people in my life who were always full of drama and negative. I gave myself time to get ready to go places and put sewing projects away when I couldn't work on them any more for the day. I just plain refused to create mountains out of molehills.

    I am so much happier today because of that effort!

  8. p.s. thanks for reminding me of that success! Sometimes I forget what I did achieve in a year :)

  9. I need to do that too, GlowWorm. Reducing stresses is super important for mental and physical health. I'm glad that you brought that up; I need to remember that throughout this year.