Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A little of this, a little of that:: recipes, patterns, and a ink to my creative writing blog

I'm scouring the blogdom for some interesting fodder for my own blog today. So far, I've seen some interesting things like a recipe for lip balm. And a pattern for a tablet protective cover.

You know what I found to be even more interesting than those two things though? The idea of this life: (It is the author to the lip balm recipe bio)
Margaret Boyles lives in a wood-heated house in central New Hampshire. She grows vegetables, eats weeds, keeps chickens, swims in a backyard pond in summer, snowshoes in the surrounding woods in winter, and commutes by bike whenever possible.

You know what I find most interesting? It is very similar to the life I lived in Kentucky.. only instead of me doing the fun-outdoorsy-stuff, it was my kids doing it while I sat inside and gestated or lactated. It was my time in Eden. Really. Did you know that you can read about that past life? A link is located on my left sidebar. It is on a different blogsite: Jumping Write In. The whole blog reads like a compilation of short stories. I hope that you love to read them as much as I loved to write them. Oh, plus one is fictional; the one about the husband dying. I have always wondered if I could go back to living in the country without Steve, so in the story I killed off the husband and had them have no kids, because who wants to be a widow with six little kids? Not me! Anyway, go read a story or two, it'll be fun! And then I won't have to think so hard about what to write on this blog today. ;)

Have a super great day! I'm off to clean the tub and toilets. Yee haw!

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