Thursday, September 23, 2010

Season Premier Week - What's your favorite?

Ahhhh. Chuck. House. and I just finished watching Grey's Anatomy. Tonight is the finale to my tv watching week. I feel like life is getting back to normal. :)

My family loves to watch Chuck and Warehouse 13. We also love Dr. Who when we can find a new episode. Only Steve, Amber and I watch House and Grey's Anatomy because I don't trust the subject matter to be appropriate for all 60 minutes for my younger kids.

Out of all of them though, Grey's Anatomy is my favorite. I love the characters. The writers are incredibly talented! The characters are fleshed out and totally believable. When I watch I feel like I am among friends. That is saying a lot for a tv show!

Over the years, Steve & I have found the complete seasons of several shows to fill out our summers with.

About Four years ago it was "Mad About You". Paul Reiser is an excellent storyteller. In fact, if you haven't read his book _Couplehood_ you really should. It is as funny as "Mad About You".

Three years ago was HOUSE. Amber discovered the show first and highly recommended it. When Steve & I watched it we fell in love and had to start at the very beginning and catch up before the next season started.

The next year it was Grey's Anatomy. I was pretty repulsed by all of the sex in the on-call rooms in the early episodes, but loved the situation drama and the humor of the show, so I kept watching and MAN! am I glad I did! The writers have created totally believable characters and have tamed down the sex in these later seasons. There is still the occasional on-call room trash, but for the most part it is a great show. I have to say that it is my favorite show right now and is one of my favorite of all time.

Last year we didn't watch anything over the summer, which I see as a huge mistake. I'm sure that we felt overwhelmed with my mom's situation and with Josh and Karen getting married and having a baby, but sometimes a tv show is the perfect diversion.

This year was LOST. I really enjoyed it, and if it was still around I'd love to continue watching. Sawyer has got to be my favorite character of the show. :)

It is interesting to me how attached I get to the characters. I have a hard time getting into a new series, but once I do I am a permanent fan. In fact, Steve has often wanted to start a new show, but I just want to go visit old friends in the shows I already know. :)

So what about you? What tv shows have you watched and loved, either in the past or this week? Anything else good on the boob-tube that I'm unaware of? I'd love to hear your recommendations! (A new addiction is just what I'm looking for! haha! :)

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