Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend in pics

Amber playing the guitar

Michael wasn't thrilled about being camping; in fact, he kept saying, "Let's go home!" In this pic, he was in the van and couldn't be swayed to come out... so I took his pic while he was peeking out the window. :)

just hangin' out

My cutie doggie, Meg. :)

This was part of our camping spot. The hammock was where many relaxing hours were spent. :)


  1. Aaaahhh...I just love camping. It looks like it was relaxing.

  2. Was he watching a movie in the van??
    We've been motelling it when we take off for the last few years.
    I guess I got tired of cooking and cleaning all day at camps, and not being able to leave our stuff!
    Now we go adventuring all day, and have a secure place to come back to at night! (and trev gets to look things up on my computer, and watch tv.) :)

    I do miss it sometimes, though.