Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Emily is 14!!

It was bound to happen. My little girl isn't quite so little anymore! She is now 14.

On Saturday, Steve & I got to take her out to breakfast. It was nice to sit and visit with her at a charming little place "downtown" (if you can call our small little town that :). There are painted murals of Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor, Katherine & Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Lucille Ball, Elvis and probably more than I've forgotten. They have a working jukebox, so I filled it with 4 quarters and let her select. It is a fun place, and their food was great! Chicken fried steak, biscuits & gravy, hashbrowns, pancakes, eggs.... YUM! We shared food with each other an enjoyed it a lot. :)

Then we went to Walmart and got her presents while she looked at books and video games. Peace sign earrings of every color, cutesy socks, a bracelet.... and an umbrella was what we chose for her. The umbrella was a little out of place now but used to be her favorite item when she was a little girl. She always had to have an umbrella, and she would walk around with it like a parasol. She loves her new umbrella and is looking forward to a rainy day to use it (she is more practical now :). Then she got some balloons sent to her from the front office from us on Monday. :)

She loved receiving birthday cards from grandparents through the mail. :)

We had her birthday cake on Sunday while Josh, Karen, and Aiden were here.

We are slowly getting back to normal after celebrating for three days. :)

She is a sweet, funny, and precious daughter and is such a gift to our family. We love you Em!


  1. Happy Birthday! It sounds like your breakfast was the perfect way to start the day. :)

    14 is such a fun year...so many things you'll get to do that you couldn't do at 13. Have fun!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to her!!! She is beautiful!