Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What's new??

I've been sick with a stomach bug. I wish I could enjoy the time off: sleeping, watching tv, surfing the net. Use the time as a vacation, you know? :)

I watched an episode of LOST with Steve last night. He watched all of season 6 with me, but didn't watch many of season 5; since season 5 was my fav, I'm encouraging him to watch them. And I get to watch them again with him. Score!

I've been watching Grey's Anatomy today. A lot. Until everyone started sleeping with everyone, then we turned it off. I love that they are getting away from so much sex on that show as the series matures. It is my favorite, you know, so I hope good things for it.

Hi, my name is Melody and I'm a tv-olic. lol What else is there to do when you're sick, though?!

Remember this pic that I showed you?:

I turned it into an oil-painting w/ gimp (like photoshop but free) and had it printed out on a canvas. I am in love with this pic. I love the fresh innocence of childhood, the girl in brown wrapping the leaf around her finger so attentively, the calm serenity of the location, the colors. Just everything about it makes it one of my very favorites. I have a print of a young boy wading out into a pond that is very reminiscent of this same feel; it has been a favorite of mine for 10+ years. I love nature and find that it rejuvinates me, & pics of nature have the same effect.

When I get feeling better I'd like to get out and take some pics for the new gardening gone wild photo contest. I never win, but I love the challenge and having to stretch.

That's about all that is new with me. What is new with you??


  1. I loved LOST & Grey's is hit & miss with me.

    That is a very sweet photo.

    Hope the bug has left you and you are feeling better.

  2. Oh, I'm sorry you were sick! I hope you're all better!