Friday, August 13, 2010

Hello?? Is anyone out there??

I'm feeling like I'm all alone here on my blog. Hello? Is this thing on??

A couple of days ago when I tried to go to my blog it said that I was hosting a site that had malware, so for security I shouldn't visit myself. I really don't think that the Daily Om has malware, but I took down the link. Still.... nobody has commented on any posts since then so I'm wondering if I'm all alone on here.

If you are here reading this, will you please shoot me an email or comment on the post? Pretty please?


  1. Hello! I'm here. Sorry you've been having problems with your blog.

  2. I'm here! I haven't posted a comment for a few days, but I sure did love the photo of the pumpkin. :)

  3. I'm here, Melody! Love your pictures!

  4. I'm here too - I hope that's okay. I love seeing your beautiful pictures and your serene enjoyment of life.

  5. I'm here. I just have trouble posting sometimes. and sometimes I want to comment, but can't think of anything stunning to say and I don't want for you to log on and think, "Hooray I got a comment!" when it is just me saying, "cool picture" or "I agree"

    but maybe you would like those cause you'd know I've been here.

    You might like statcounter. It tells you how many people have viewed your blog and where they came from. and which posts they looked at.