Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some Pics and Some News

Yesterday Steve & I took a ride to a closeby lake. Of course, I had to take some pics... and then later play with them a bit. :)

Earlier in the day I took Amber for a "photo shoot". I can't call myself a serious photographer, so I feel like I just play at photography. :) Anyway, she decided that for her senior pics she wanted her bff's mom and me to take her pics. She said that she likes bridges, railroad tracks, and a nearby graffiti train... so you'll be seeing pics from all of these locations. Yesterday was "bridge day":

I also wrote the letter telling the nursing home that I wouldn't be attending their meeting to patch things up between them and me. The first letter I wrote was too straight forward and had an angry undertone. I've worked on writing this letter for four days, and I finally mailed the finished copy today. I'll show you what I wrote:

Dear Jason,

Thank you for informing me of the meeting that is scheduled for August 17th to discuss my mother’s situation, however, I will be unable to attend that meeting.

Regarding the concerns you voiced in your letter:

I appreciate your concern that my mother’s and my relationship remains strong during this time; it is my goal to ensure that my mother’s and my relationship is not strained and that it does, in fact, remain just as strong as it has always been in the past.

I also appreciate your concern that I feel comfortable visiting with my mother in your facility, and I am sure that you and your staff would do your best to make that happen. For the time being, however, I am more comfortable visiting with my mother outside of your facility. Thank you just the same.

I am aware that you are working with an Ombudsman regarding your facility’s electric wheelchair policy and that she has encouraged you to work with the State regarding any changes to be made to that policy. I am glad to see this happening, and I wish the best for you and your facility as it undergoes some changes that will make it a more secure and better place for your residents to be. I will be very interested in knowing what changes to your policy take place and how those changes will affect electric wheelchair users like my mother. Perhaps at that time we can meet to discuss those changes and my mother can be instructed on what the policy requires of her and also what her rights are regarding her electric wheelchair use.

Good luck to you, your staff, and your residents.

Do I get extra points for being nice?? Let's hope that I'm done with that situation for awhile. I need some serenity for now.

I hope that all is going well with all of you. Thanks for responding to my post yesterday. I'm so glad that all of you are here! :)


  1. The photos are really nice...I especially like the first one.

    Also, good job on the letter. I think you worded things very well. I am sure it was hard to write, good for you!!!

  2. The pics are great - I love the texting photo! I'm sure it wasn't planned and probably not her favorite, but one of those that she'll look back on and say, "remember when I used to text all of the time?"