Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy and Light (after Dark and Twisty :)

I wrote Dark & Twisty earlier today, but I want to move on with something brighter and happier. Let's see what I can come up with, shall we?

How about: lots of zucchini and yellow squash!! I won't dwell on the fact that my little vole (like a mole) friend is eating all of my ripe tomatoes.

Years ago I created a little critter in Gimp (like photoshop, but free) when I was blogging about animals that like to get in gardens and eat up all they can. (do you see him behind the lemon grass??)

Well, I think that a cute little girl critter saw him on my blog and decided to come and hook up with him and make my garden her home; a place where they could settle down and have babies and eat all of the red, ripe tomatoes that they want. :)

Let's see.... I've been going through my pics and trying to find which would best fit "Summertime Adventures".

Lots of long walks in the foothills with my sweetie.

Local celebration: parade, face painting, car show, museum tours, fireworks, playing in the park.

I won't mention the fact that my whole family had the stomach bug thing.

Chicks hatching out all over!!

Signing up child #2 for college classes.

Mentioning to an older child that child #4 will be getting her learner's permit in a year.

Afternoon showers. Cooler temperatures.

School shopping DONE! And only spending $20.90 for 3 pairs of shoes because of great sales!!

School is starting in a week and a half. I haven't decided whether I'm looking forward to it or not. I've enjoyed having the kids home, but boy has my schedule been thrown out the window! I do miss the days when I homeschooled all of them. I enjoy (for the most part :) having them home. I can't believe how quickly they grow!

What blessings have you felt lately?

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  1. I'm glad you found something to smile about. Hang in there Melody. :)