Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday: in pictures

Today I went into the garden first thing. It has always been a place to think over things and to put things in the proper perspective.

I looked over the pie pumpkins and had to take a picture.

I loved the shawdows of the curly little tendrils and the freckles on the pumpkins.

I was first attracted to the spot because of the blossoms, just like the bees were.

There was so much activity going on in and around the blossoms. All sizes of bees, too. Big ones and little bitty ones. It was wonderful to think of the pollination they were helping along and of the pumpkins the blossoms will bring.

I saw two little bantam chickens, a hen and a rooster, enjoying my garden too. I was impressed with how cute they looked as they scratched and pecked at the soil, that is until they went inside of the garden squares and started pecking at my tomatoes.

Then I realized that they were the real culprits eating my garden. They immediately got shooed back into the coop. I wish they'd just be satisfied eating the grasshoppers!

Then I got the idea to take a picture of myself looking over my garden.

And I realized in small measure how God must have felt as He looked over all of His creations; I too, found my little creation good.

I hope that you had a wonderful day too!

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