Sunday, April 18, 2010

My days

I've had lots of days with this little guy this week:

His Sunday babysitter was out of town last week, so he got to hang out with Grandma on Saturday *and* Sunday. :)

Then, Josh and Karen came down Sunday night and hung out with us until Wednesday. There was lots of bonding time between the kids and Aiden.

One day while Josh and Karen had run to pick up Jared and Amber from school, Aiden woke up from his nap and was super fussy. At the same time, I was feeding Michael. (If you remember, Michael is g-tube fed for the most part, which adds a little complexity to our lives.) I had Michael hold his tube for a minute while I made Aiden a bottle.

I was faced with the fact that I could not hold Aiden and feed him, while at the same time feeding Michael. Then inspiration struck:

Michael loved feeding Baby Aiden, Aiden was happy, and I had one spare hand. What a deal! (Btw, just ignore that load of clean laundry which I hadn't yet folded that the kidlets are laying on, ok? ;)

Aiden came over again to play today, but all hands were on deck, so there was always someone to help out (thanks, everyone!). This afternoon I got to go play with my friend, and Emily got to play with her friend. Our play was shopping, and our friends were mother and daughter (thanks for going with us, April & Sara!). So while we were gone, Steve and the kids got their chance to hang out with Baby Aiden for awhile. Thank goodness for my good family!

Later this evening I got a brillant idea and played around with mirrors and my camera. This is what that looked like:

What can I say, I am easily entertained! :)

Aiden is back at home. Kids are tucked in bed. My house is so quiet. My bed is so inviting. My eyelids are drooping.

But I'm looking forward to what tomorrow may bring. I hope that it is wonderful for you too. <3


  1. Melody, I love the photos and also the story of your son and grandson. :)

    But I have to tell you I am laughing so hard right now! Yesterday afternoon Monty and I bought a new camera. It is EXACTLY THE SAME ONE YOU HAVE!!!

  2. Ok, it's me again, lol. I was up last night til 11:30 waiting for the girls to get home from a dance and I was taking pictures the whole time...playing with all of the features. I was so excited to get outside and take some macro shots...wondering if they would turn out well and all. And now I know they will after seeing your photos! LOL

  3. I know your kids love having Aiden around. What a treat for them and for him as he grows to know them.
    How fun with the mirror. Never thought of that.
    I like the pics you did.
    ♥ Joy

  4. Thanks for inviting us! We had a great time too ♥