Wednesday, April 21, 2010

At the Park

The kids and I went to the park yesterday first thing. Sometimes if I get started with my day I get de-railed and we don't get to do the fun stuff - so before chores, before schoolwork, before showers (I really wished for a hat!), we set off for the park.

My friend Lisa brought her kids, and she and I visited while pushing kids on swings. :) (Thanks for going Lee! It was great fun!)

Emily took along her homework, because she detests working on it late into the afternoon.

Michael loves sliding! It is his favorite part of playing in the park.

Matt likes it all! (Those kids aren't with us.) So he goes wherever he is inspired at the moment. :)

The sunshine felt so good! And just hangin' out was a wonderful change of pace!

AND, when I was returning Lisa's little boy's socks that he had forgotten on the playground, I saw a Graco Entertainer (like this one) sitting in a driveway that was labeled to be picked up by a thrift store. I asked if I could have it and the owner said YES! Score! I have been looking for one for Aiden as I've been consignment and thrift shopping without any success. Don't you just love moments like that?!

Then there was playing in the dirt planting some onions, spinach, and peas.

And except for Michael throwing a rock through the living room window, yesterday was terrific!

Today has been rainy. Thunder and rain. I loved it! But I *am* hoping for some sunshine tomorrow. :)


  1.'s been thundering, lightninging (is that a word?), and raining here all day too. I LOVE the rain! :)

    What an awesome deal on the freebie for your little grandson!

  2. Looks like a beautiful spring day. Glad the kids got out and enjoyed the sunshine.
    ♥ Joy

  3. Love finds like that...great job. What a lovely spring day, next to the garden, spending days at the park are just about our favorite...then again anything beats laundry, lol!

    Feel free to link up today if you have a post for the kinderGARDENS contest! Kim

  4. It often works opposite around here. We do the fun, discovery, interesting stuff, and then never get around to the "should" stuff. ;)