Friday, April 2, 2010

Behind the Scenes

In yesterday's post I showed a pic that I took of my favorite (shhh! don't tell the others!) rabbit, Flower. Flower is my little Dutch rabbit and is super sweet.

I got the idea to take some pics of my little Easter bunny when Tilly the cat settled into the fruit basket on my kitchen table. (I don't allow cats on the table, but he looked so cute I had to take his picture. Poor kitty, talk about mixed messages!)

After Tilly hopped out of the basket to check out something more interesting, I thought of Flower! But he wasn't so sure he wanted to pose like a cute little Easter Bunny:

Then BJ the cat got curious as to what was going on and had to come and investigate:

And Michael had to see too:

But it was well worth the trouble when finally he sat up and held still for a moment:

A lot of work for one cute moment in time, (thankfully!) captured on film forever!

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely love these photos! Thanks for making me smile.

    Enjoy your grandbaby's first Easter tomorrow!