Friday, April 16, 2010

Decisions, decisions.

Still stewing about the contest. I'm going out today once the sunshine gets here and take some pics from the vegetable garden. I'm looking forward to seeing how the strawberries and raspberries will compare to the other pics.

Here are my thoughs on the pics: (by the way, #4 lovers, take a look at (A) that I added yesterday and tell me which you prefer out of the two, would you?)

1 - while I love it, I feel that there is too much brown in it. It doesn't reflect "Green World" as much as it should.

2 - I really like #2 a lot, but as I look at it I notice that a lot of the picture isn't as sharp and crisp as I'd like.

3 - I love this one. I love the luminous quality of it. It reflects the theme with its variations of all of the greens. It is a keeper!

4 - This is one that makes me feel snug as a bug on a foliage rug... but I see some flaws in it: the trailer that you can see in between the stems, too much bokah (did I spell that right?) in front - I did crop a lot out, but this is one I'm not sure about....

A - This one was added yesterday. It took the place of #4 in my mind. What about you #4 lovers? Do you like this one as well? (If you are up for the question, why or why not?)

B & C is basically the same pic w/ more or less leaves showing.. I like B better than C, because it seems more concise, but I'm not sure how well I like it for the theme......

5 - This one I like, but I don't know that I'm in love with gladiolus leaves. This one is nice, and it does have lots of greens in it, including the closest bud to us is still a yellow green. Maybe I'll leave it up to choose from....

6 - This one I am definately unsure of (have you ever heard such a definate maybe in your life?!) I love the texture of the Maple's buds, but I'm not sure that it works with the theme as well...


  1. I like 4A. There just something about it.

  2. LOL on the "definitely unsure" comment. ;)

    And I have totally changed my new fave is #8!