Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sick and Tired...And a 1988 Graduation Pic

Busy, busy, busy. That's my life. It's all about the wedding or the flooding in my aunt's basement apartment where my mom once lived and where many of her belongings were stored.

The wedding is coming together well, but there are only 13 days left to prepare...even less when you consider the four days that I'll be at my family reunion. Most things are ordered and rented. This week I have to focus on getting all of the details taken care of.

The flood (in-my-aunt's-basement-where-my-mom-once-lived-and-where-many-of-her-belongings-were-stored) was with *sewer* water, though I didn't know that when I was cleaning up and getting things ready for the plumber to come and clean out the drains. Since there weren't any floating logs, I figured it was just grey water, but not mixed w/ toilet water. I found out when the plumber came that I was wrong! And I didn't think there was mold in there either, and I found out I was wrong when the clean up crew came and boxed up my mom's stuff and ripped out the sheet rock.

I worked in the apartment off and on for 7 hours in the sewer water and mold. And then for another 4 after all of the sheet rock was pulled out and just the studs were left...with mold on them.

I called the doc and got an antibiotic after feeling like garbage the day after working in the house w/ the water. Now, 15 days later, I am still dizzy and fuzzy headed. I am dizzy when I just sit. I'm going to make an appt w/ the doc tomorrow and discuss the toxice effects of black mold. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired, especially when there isn't *time* to be sick and tired!

Anyhow, when I was going through my mom's stuff I found my graduation picture. So I leave you with a pic of me in 1988 at 18:

The make up and hair just can't be beat, can it?!

Take care and have a wonderful day!


  1. Melody, that's a timeless picture. I love your eyes! So, so pretty.

  2. You look so pretty in this picture. What a mess that turned out to be in the basement.

    I hope you get to feeling better. Let the doctor give you a good check over and get you back up and running again.


  3. Oh wow, what a mess. I, too, think your illness has to do with the sewer water and mold. I'm glad you are going to visit with your doctor over it.

    Class of '87 myself. ;)

  4. The hair and make-up are awesome!!! Love the 80's Very Pretty!!

    Girl~ the wedding is right around the need to go to the doctor TODAY and get a complete check-up. John's boss had black mold from his apartment and was hospitalized for a month. VERY SICK!!! Don't mess around with that!

    I'm going to publish this comment and then say a prayer for you!

  5. I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling will be in our prayers!

    I think my school photo for that year looked awfully similar!!

  6. Beautiful then, beautiful now. Love your guts, <3 Kimberly