Tuesday, July 21, 2009

putting things in order

Steve, Matt, Emily, and I went to see Harry Potter last night. I am a big Harry Potter fan, and I loved the movie! I always have to caution myself that the film might not be the same as the book, and that helps me embrace the movie version more than if I expected them to stick to the book. The cinematography was excellent! Quidditch has never looked so real! And the actors and actresses have really grown into their parts.

My mom got moved to the Continuing Care Unit of the hospital. I went to visit her last night for the first time in several days. She was able to sit up and lay back down without being in pain. I am so thankful that she is healing. It is still hard to think that eventually she will die, but for now it isn't so much of a worry.

My garden is coming right along! It is full of weeds, but Jared has kept everything alive for me while I've been busy with everything else. I need to buy a hoe and ask Jared to clear out the weeds for me. I've become a huge wimp and get overheated so easily, but he will be happy to work in the dirt, though. My Early Girl tomato plant has a couple of little tomatoes on it. They are mostly green, but are slowly turning colors. My green pepper plants have little peppers on them. My wonderful zucchini plants (that I plant to feel like a wonderful gardener) are doing very well! I have harvested 2 zucchinis from it so far. And my cucumber plant has a cucumber on it! I'm so glad that everything is doing well, even though I have neglected it so badly. Thanks, Jared!!

Today is a house cleaning day. My poor house has been neglected too. I have done the bare necessities to keep food in our bellies and clothes on our back, but that's the sum total. The kids have helped out, but there are some things they don't know to do. So my poor house needs an overhaul! I'm starting with laundry, cleaning the bathroom to be shiny clean, and watering all of my dry, brittle lawn.

Last night at the hospital a funny thing happened. My mom told me that she needed a pretty card for Josh and Karen's wedding. I reminded her that she had missed Michael's birthday, too. She said, "Oh! With all that's been going on, I just can't remember everything!" Amen, Mom! That is just how I feel.

On Sunday, Charla (my sister from WY) was still in town, so we all got together at Debbie's (my other sister) house. Since Sunday was Michael's birthday, I took Michael's birthday cake to celebrate there, but I forgot to take my camera with me. I will need to make another cake and let him blow out the candles so that I can get a pic for his scrapbook and so that I can show you.

I still need to tell you all about Josh's wedding. I watched the video this morning and felt so much better about how it fell into place. There were "backstage" technical difficulties, but it appears that they all worked out in the end. What a job a wedding is!

Well, back to the house keeping! Thanks for the short distraction!


  1. Don't kill yourself trying to do it all at once! I promise you, it'll all be there for you when you're ready:)

  2. Glad to hear your mom is recuperating. Hope she makes a full recovery.
    Glad life is getting back to normal. Hope you are feeling better too. Been thinking about you.


  3. I agree, the cleaning will still be there. Relax a bit, you've earned it!