Tuesday, July 14, 2009

collage pics

I'm thinking of using this pic for Josh and Karen's gift table at the reception:

I hope that we can still get a more formal looking pic put together before the wedding, but the odds aren't looking that great. I still think they look cute, even if she is wearing a black shirt with pastel skulls on it and he is wearing baggy pants and a ball cap! ;-)

He has finished getting all of his dental work done. Hurray! I haven't been able to drag him to the dentist in 2-3 years, so all of it has gotten done in the last 2 weeks. His teeth thank me.


  1. Once they get too big you can't dress em huh. Oh well. They are adorable.
    Great pictures.


  2. I love it!!!

    The way they are dressed is who they are!!!