Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pioneer Children

My older two kids are going to Martin's Cove soon, so we have been getting their clothes put together.

My daughter really hates not being able to dress like herself. It bugs her to wear her bonnet (here is a link to make one yourself at Mother Earth News), and though I tell her that she should button her top button, she won't. But...she looks very cute! So here is my Pioneer Daughter:

Pretty authentic expression even, huh?

Here, I'll change it to be more like how it would have been long ago...

There you go.

I'll post the pics of my son in a check back!

Ok, Here he is folks! Here is my Pioneer son.....JARED!

And here he is posing for "American Gothic":

And how he *would* have looked, had he have lived 100 years ago:

So which of my children do you think looks more like "American Gothic"? Jared:

Or Josh:

But Josh is no longer my contemporary American Gothic. Goth, is like, so last year for him! So here is a pic of the new and more mature Josh:

I remember being a teen and changing my style a lot too. I went from long hair to very short hair and back. I've had straight hair and perms. I alternated throughout high school from jeans and t-shirts to slacks and blouses. Change was fun and good. As I have gotten older I find I'm stuck in a rut. I think I've had the same hairstyle and clothes style for the last 5 years! Maybe it is time for a change! American Gothic, anyone?? Just kidding. I look terrible in black. And I'm allergic to metal, so piercings are out. And I hate pain, so no tats. I'll think of something...

I hope that you all have a wonderful day!


  1. that guy w/ the coboy hat is such a hunk!

  2. BTW, that last comment came from the original & younger "American Gothic", Jared.

    He wanted to comment, but "user name and password" didn't show up since I was still logged in. That'll teach me to go away from my computer and not log off!

  3. They look so cool in those outfits! I want a pioneer dress, I'll have to get a pattern and make one for myself. What a fun project that will be!

  4. I actually bought everything but the bonnet and the skirt at a thrift store. The bonnet was donated by a lady in our church, and she also donated the material for the skirt.

    The skirt itself was sooo easy! If you measure from your waist to the point you want it to end (maybe a couple inches from the floor) and add on a couple of inches for the hem and a couple of inches for the waistband and cut 2 pieces that length. Then put the right sides together and stitch along the selvages on both sides.

    Fold the waistband over about 1 1/4 inches and iron it; then fold under about 1/4 inch and iron that. Then stitch that at the bottom of the casing (where the elastic will go), Leaving an opening to insert the elastic.

    Measure your waist, add one inch and cut your elastic. Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic and thread the elastic through the casing. Make sure that the elastic is straight and not twisted (like my dd's was!
    :-() and safety pin both ends of elastic together and try it on for size. Adjust the elastic to the tightness you'd like and sew it together. Sew the opening closed.

    Try the skirt on for length and measure the hem around the skirt and press it with an iron; turn under about 1/4 inch and press. Then stitch.

    It is very easy, even if my directions make it sound difficult!

    Have fun!