Wednesday, March 4, 2015

8/52::A few of his favorite things

A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2015

There is a lot happening in this picture besides Michael sitting in the chair.

First off was the lighting. The morning light was shining in from the dining room window, casting the perfect light and shadows on Michael's face as he sat in the chair, so of course I had to capture that! (I haven't done as much capturing of the light lately. I need to regain my photography mojo.) I was glad that he sat still long enough for me to grab my camera and take a few shots.

Second, the other stuff in the picture are a few of his favorite things:

Under the stool you'll see the handle of the back massager that I gave to Steve for Christmas a few years ago; Michael likes it more than Steve does and has even tried giving others a back massage. I wouldn't recommend it. ;)

The blue thing in front of the couch is a pool noodle, which is a new love. He uses them for booby traps - he places them above the door, one end on the open door, the other end on the top of the door trim; then he waits for someone to move the door and have it crash on their head. He is a fan of slap stick humor, for sure ;)

The red is the food cooler that we use when we go camping. I'm not sure why he loves it so much, but he feels that he needs to know where it is at all times.

The green thing on top of the cooler is a Hulk toy that used to light up when you press a button. We only bought that toy to replace the batteries in a similar Sponge Bob toy that he has - a new toy (the Hulk) for $4 or just replacing the batteries for $18. I detest watch battery toys - all toys need standard size batteries. Give me AA battery toys or give me death!! Okay, maybe I don't have that much passion for standard size battery toys. Maybe.

The yellow thing to the side of the couch is a talking Sponge Bob toy that Josh gave him for Christmas. It is a hit with everyone, not just Michael, so it gets a lot of use. :)

I'm not sure which VHS movie that is on the stool, but Michael loves the thought of VHS movies. In reality, they are just hard plastic boxes, though, because none of our VHS video players work. He loves them anyway :)

Oh, the last thing is the red throw on the couch. That's mine :)

These are a few of his favorite things!
♥ Melody

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