Thursday, February 28, 2013

Zoo Day::February 28

Yesterday, Steve & I (along w/ Jared and Matt, who played up in the game room the whole time) took Michael to Shriner's Hospital for a yearly checkup with his orthopedic surgeon. What we found out? All is well. Very nice :)

Afterward, we went to the zoo and met up with the other kids. It was free zoo day :)

The day was sunshiny and blue skies. Such a nice change!

And it was nice to be out in it! Also, such a nice change :)

Matt and Emily commented on how much they loved the aviary portion. It was very warm and very humid in there.

Matt kept insisting that someday he'll move to a tropical rain forest. Steve warned him about the multitude and size of bugs there :) I kept thinking how much it felt like the area that we used to live in Tennessee.

When I was in there, I found that I loved it too. I think if I wasn't a person, I would choose to be a bird. In the rain forest. Where getting a buggy dinner would be an easy process. ;)

We saw most of the animals. Many were sleeping.

Who could blame them? I would have loved to be stretched out and sleeping in the sunshine too :)

Here is a funny thing that happened: We were all in the elephant's area admiring the massive beasts.... except Michael.

He was admiring the ceiling fans instead. He always likes the fans best :) One day I'd love to learn how his mind works!

Aiden was with me when we got to the ostrich cages. He loved them and told me to take a picture of them because he liked them. Such a cute boy! :)

As we walked through the zoo, I got candid shots of all of the family:

Steve pushed Michael in the wheelchair. Sometimes the long walks are too much for Mike. Sometimes we like him in the chair so that even if he is protesting about something, we can keep moving right along.... Life with Mikey can sometimes be a challenge.

Josh brought along a friend and her cute little ones too.... and while I like them very much, my heart isn't ready for any changes yet.

And I was missing Karen. Change is a hard thing for me.

The day was a long one... but it was wonderful to spend the day together. And being outside in the sunshine was wonderful! And animals are my favorite things. One of these days we'll have to go to the zoo w/o going to a (very, very long) doctor's appointment too.

I remember the first time I went to the zoo I was 18. My mom and sister and I stayed up in SLC for the weekend. We went to the zoo and to the State Fair. I could have done without the fair, but the zoo!!!!!!! I was in heaven!

Maybe when I grow up I should be a zoo keeper (I've had plenty of experience with my own group of monkeys!!) ;)

Have a wonderful day!!

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