Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Photo Walk of my own::February 19

Yesterday, Steve & I went out to lunch at Sizzler and then to Twilight:Breaking Dawn Part 2 (both paid for with gift cards from Amber & Tino for Steve's birthday :)) Lunch was very yummy: all-you-can-eat soup and salad for me, steak & mashed sweet potato for Steve, along with the salad bar for him. We went away feeling very full and very content.

The movie was awesome. Although I don't usually like Kristen Stewart's acting, she wasn't too bad in this one. I do love the story of Twilight; I read all of the books one after another, devouring them all. The movies, well, they are alright, but yesterday's really touched my heart. I'm still trying to figure out why, and I know Christina Perri's "Thousand Years" really added to my internal emotion. There is something about loving someone "Forever" that is simply amazing. In the final scenes of the movie, clips from all of the movies combine to tell the whole story: Bella first meeting Edward, their first kiss, their wedding, and baby pictures of Renesme are shown, along with bits of the book with the keywords highlighted to add extra insight. "Forever" was one of those words. Powerful stuff, forever is.

But before lunch, and before the movie, Steve went and worked out in the gym and I took a photo stroll around a building that I've wanted to photograph ever since I saw their first red bench.

It was empty there. I only saw 3 other people, one walking and two driving.

With it being President's Day, many businesses were shut down.

I didn't mind though. I need to build up my courage to do street photography with people.

Taking pictures out and around without a particular thing to shoot still alludes me a bit, so being alone for a moment was a good thing. :)

This next picture makes me a little sad. The empty picnic tables buried in snow and facing the volleyball net look lonely and sad but hopeful for warmer days to come.

And this next picture makes me smile. There were these big things, I think they are generators, that look like a metal animal sculpture; they were all over the place. They remind me of rhino or elephant gargoyles, protecting the buildings from evil :)

I loved the reflective buildings. Seeing the mountains, sky, and clouds reflected in them was really cool.

And, since there was reflection, I decided to take a self-portrait. :)

It was a wonderful, relaxing day. I love taking life at a slow, easy pace. Spending time alone with my art, and then time spent together with my love; life doesn't get much better.♥

Have a wonderful day!!

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