Friday, February 1, 2013

Lilies in the Sunlight::February 1st

Wahoo! We made it through Janauary's wicked cold and storms. Hopefully February will be a little more mild. In any case, the days are lengthening, and who can't use more sunlight?!

Here are some more flowers from my birthday bouquet:

I was sitting and watching Grey's Anatomy online this morning, since last night's ABC channel watching was an epic fail, and I looked over at the table. The lighting was so perfect.... but I'd already taken a million pictures and figured who wanted to see another shot of flowers?! So I turned my attention back to the monitor, but my mind kept turning back to the perfect lighting....

There is no keeping me from great lighting. It's draw is way too strong! And hopefully you don't mind another flower pic or two.... or four or ten or....

About the GIVE AWAY:
Carlie was the first to comment, thereby winning the calendar, BUT she decided to graciously give it to kathyo. Congratulations Kathy! :)

So, Carlie will be awarded a 4x6 of any picture of her choice (just let know what you'd like, Carlie :)

Also a 4x6 winner is GlowWorm who has chosen the bunny picture from the 2013 Animal Calendar:

And our final winner is Keeper of the Skies Wife - just let me know which pic you'd like for your 4x6 Betty :)

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, full of all the goodness it can hold! ♥
And if you didn't comment on my Give Away post, be sure to do so. It's not over until all 6 spots are filled :)

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