Monday, February 18, 2013

On our walk...::February 18

Steve & I headed for the hills at sunset last evening to go on a walk. And I took a camera:

I love it when the sun gets low and casts a golden glow. It lights up the landscape like it is on fire, and it is so beautiful!

I also love taking portraits at sunset. Steve, however, does not love me taking his picture. His "church lady", disapproving look made me laugh. He might not like his picture taken, but I love taking it! So usually he lets me take it anyway.... and sometimes I get "the look". :)

Today we are going out on a date. Lunch and a movie is what we are planning on. Before that, though, he wants to stop off at the gym and work out a bit. I will take my camera along and take pics while he works out. Win/win. :)

Have a great President's Day!


  1. what movie did you see? hope your date was super fun!

    1. It really was, thanks! :)

      Twilight::Breaking Dawn Part 2. It was super fantastic.