Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Cake and Pictures::January 26

"Smile for the camera" So of course I had to give a goofy smile :)

And yes, half of my cake was already eaten. It was cut earlier in the day because I'd made Amber have a piece of cake with me before she left in the afternoon.... and my boys thought it was ok if they had some too. Ah well, I had enough cake to hold some candles for me to blow out, so it worked out just fine :)

Today, Steve & I went to dinner at Cracker Barrel and then went and watch "Jack Reacher" in my favorite movie theater - Amber and Tino really spoiled me with the gift cards for both. ♥

Tomorrow I will be at home, so I can eat lots of chocolate kisses that Aiden and Karen gave me, and I get to wear the watch and/or bracelet that they gave me. ♥

I got many calls singing "Happy Birthday" and wishing me a Happy Birthday and wonderful year. ♥

And I rediscovered the excitement of getting a letter/card in the mail. ♥

And I loved reading all of the birthday wishes left for me on facebook. ♥

Birthdays are wonderful days to sit and soak up love. ♥

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