Saturday, January 12, 2013

Playing Angry Birds with Pops::January 12

Aiden LOVES playing Angry Birds. More than doing anything else, really.

So Steve sat him on his lap along with the laptop and played Angry Birds while Aiden instructed him where to go and what to do.

"There's 2 more birds left, Pops!"

Then he wanted to do it himself. (He is really good at it too!)

Meg felt left out; she needed some attention too :)

There is nothing more desirable than a man who is kind and gentle with children. It is one of the things that made me love Steve back when we were dating - Josh was 4 years old back then, Amber was nearly 3 and Jared was 1 1/2. I remember being up in the mountains with all of them; Steve was carrying Jared, and Josh darted over to the river to throw rocks in. Steve followed right behind and held on to his belt loop so that he wouldn't fall in. My heart gave a leap, not just in fear for Josh, but in admiration and love for this man who had just barely met my children, yet was taking such good care of them. He wasn't just trying to impress me either, as I have found out through the years, it is just his natural way of being. Fortunately he has distilled those same characteristics to our boys. I am a lucky woman indeed! (And my heart still leaps with love and desire for him ♥)

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