Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year's Resolutions::January 7

On New Year's Day, Steve & I stole away to a Chinese Restaurant, one of our favorite traditions.

I loved the fortune from my fortune cookie: "Don't be afraid to take a chance when the opportunity of a lifetime appears."

There is something about Chinese Restaurants that soothe me and bring balance. With the Chinese New Year zodiac placemats, it feels like the perfect place to ponder on changes I can forsee for the year and changes I'd like to make in myself and my family.

This year was no different, except that the things I forsee throughout the year will be intense and require a lot of time, skill, and attention. I could get worn down quickly: "I will be under a tremdous load, trying to be everything for everyone.....I will need to be an anchor and a mooring for my family. That means that I will need to keep myself on 'higher ground'" (from my journal)

As I prepared my mind to write down some goals (and choose a word), I closed my eyes. Every time I did, my minds eye saw a body of water that "shifts with the tide, but doesn't make waves - not stagnant, quite opposite" (from my journal)

My word/phrase this year is, "Be still"

My resolution is to "create a haven for myself and my family. Care for all aspects of self: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Do so in calmness, unhurried, planned."

Some practical applications that I hope for is to plan ahead and eat well balanced, nutritious meals; taking good quality supplements; keep the house clean and organized - it will reduce stress and illness; read scriptures daily as a family; have prayers as a family in the morning and evening.

I want to visit my naturopath and check for food allergies. I should be feeling better, not worse, after I eat, right?!....

And most importantly, I need to treat myself like I would a good friend. I have been trying to consciously do that for the past few years and have found it to be oh so important.

How about you? Are you one to pick a word or phrase for the year? Or make resolutions? Do you find that they make a difference to you?

I like it. I saw on others' blogs that they would pick a word and I thought it was a great idea; a mantra of sorts. And I've always liked resolutions, clean slates, out with the old - in with the new. January is a cold, bitter month, but the cleansing of it does me good.

Have a wonderful day! And if you have blogged about your resolutions, leave a link in the comments; or, if you'd like to tell me about them in the comments, I'd love to hear them! :)

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  1. I love your resolutions and the way you pick a word for the year. I have not blogged about mine yet, only mentioned them in passing. I need to get with it! I told my sister about the way you choose a word or phrase for the year and she was totally inspired! Her word for the year is Stewardship because all her goals have to do with taking care of herself and her children. I think perhaps my word for the year is "Present" as in I feel like I need to be present in the moment more--especially with my kids and not so lost in my own thoughts.

    p.s. I love Chinese restaurants too!