Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Update on Bill::Siblings/Family Pictures::Oct. 10

It's been a few days.....

Things weren't better Thursday after all. Bill was more confused than when he has ammonia levels greater than 100, only his ammonia was 45. Something was off.....

At his family doc, we found that his SATs were only 82%, so he was prescribed oxygen and had a battery of blood tests ran.

At the liver doc, he went over all of his labs, looked at Bill, shook his head and kept looking at the labs, trying to see what he was obviously missing.

In between those two appt., we ran and got a canister of oxygen and a canula to sustain him through the two visits. The first doc thought the confusion was lack of oxygen, but even at 95% on oxygen, the confusion worsened.

So I took him back to the ER. I had hoped to just get him admitted, but his family doc told me that he was a liver patient and confusion was just part of the game. It turned out the ER was the right place to be, though, because they connected the dots and found through xray that Bill had pneumonia. He stayed in the hospital a few days and came home with a clear head. Thank heavens!!


On Monday, I took the kids and went up into our mountains for pictures. Amber had been wanting the siblings to have their picture taken together. I wanted to add Steve & me to the mix and get a family pic... but after the happenings of the past week, I decided that it would just add a complexity I wasn't looking forward to, so we just stuck with the sibling pic.

They turned out super cute. How could they not with how cute/beautiful/handsome my children are?! ;)

Aren't they awesome?! But my favorite picture of the day was definitely this one:

My goofy, silly, mischievous boys, and my sweet daughter-in-law who has to live with them. This picture speaks volumes to me and leaves me laughing every time I see it. :)


My gratitudes:

That Bill is home safe and sound-minded.

That Amber pushed for the pictures even when I tried to be a wet blanket.

That we have a long weekend coming up, starting at 3:15 pm today.

That Michael's g-tube has been able to be put back in every time w/o going to the hospital....even when it has been out for hours. (I'm praying that this stage of him taking it out will end - it is a stress every.single.time.)

I wish you all the best!

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