Monday, October 22, 2012

Reporting from the Garden::October 22

The garden is finished. I took out the plants today and brought in a tray full of green tomatoes. I have been told that you can wrap them in newspaper and they'll ripen slowly through the winter. I'm excited to try :)

These are what just came in:

I ate most of the red ones while I was working in the garden, but a couple were left over and brought in too.

So, here is what I've learned this past season:

First of all, from now on I'm buy most of my transplants from Vineyard Gardens in Orem. I have had bad luck with zucchini for the past many years... until this year, when I bought my starts from Vineyard Gardens. While you are there, take a walk through all of the greenhouses and breathe deeply.... ahhhh. I should live in a greenhouse.

When you are all finished with the greenhouses, keep on walking east and then turn south. Enjoy looking at all of the cute bunnies: lionheads, rex, dutch. Then look at the chickens and goats. Do NOT pet the billy goat unless you don't mind smelling like a musky goat all day, but he would appreciate some attention & is a real sweetie :) The nanny goats usually like to be petted, and they are much less dangerous in the smelly goat situation, so if you'd like to pet them, they'll probably like it. Also, sometimes in the spring there are often baby goats; pet them if they'll let you - but don't be surprised if they won't; many times the babies are too skittish and shy.

Last spring, Matt spied a baby bunny that had fallen through holes in the cage and was wriggling on the ground. Baby bunnies are about the size of a big mouse, furless, and blind since their eyes won't open for a few weeks. If you do find a baby that has gotten away, don't pick it up.... find a worker and they will put it in the right mama's nest. Rabbits are extremely frightened of people and will reject their babies if they smell like people - especially unfamiliar people.

When you are done on the southeast side, turn north and look for the guinea hens, turkeys, peahens and peacocks, and/or whatever other fowl they have. Vineyard gardens is full of surprises :) Then, sit down under the covered pavillion and watch your kids play on the swingset. You could also browse through the roses if you'd prefer, since they are close by the playground too.

I'm planning a trip to go see Pumpkinland at Vineyard Gardens soon. I'll post pictures :)

All of the transplants I bought did especially well except for the yellow squash... maybe I'll buy that at Olsen's Greenhouse next spring....

I bought a variety pack of cherry tomatoes, and I especially loved one type... I need to find out its name. It is a purple-red and has lower acid than the other cherry tomatoes. It was WONDERFUL! I want to plant more of it next year.

As for the full-size tomatoes, I got more tomatoes from the Early Girls than the Better Boys. The Better Boys put a lot of energy into growing very large plants instead of producing fruit. Next year, I'm sticking solely to Early Girls.

The green peppers..... not a ton of fruit, but a few here and there. I'll probably try them again.

Celery.... not growing it anymore. I'm not sure if it is my soil, the way I water, or what, but the stalks are little. The plants died and regrew several times through the season.

I bought a new rhubarb plant this year, and it seems to have died. I'll leave it alone and hope it builds its root system and comes back bigger and stronger than ever.

The Walla Walla Onions did fabulously! I'll definitely get more sets of them next year.

The garlic that I planted this past spring produced a boatload of bulbs! However, the bulbs are tiny, so instead of planting them, I bought a new garlic bulb this past weekend that I'll sow soon and hopefully it will produce bigger bulbs next year.

The parsley plant that I bought in the spring is still growing well. I hope that it survives the winter! Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

Next spring, the new tulip bulbs I planted should grow. I'm looking forward to that!

It seems that I have a deer sleeping in my garden at nights. I have found droppings and part of my oregano is laying flat. I hope that he/she has enjoyed their bed, but we are going to be trimming all of the herbs down, so they will have to find a new soft place to sleep.

I bought a new rosebush this past weekend while I was visiting Vineyard Gardens to buy garlic. It is called "Peace", and who can't use more of that?! As a heads up: all rosebushes are on sale at Vineyard Gardens for $5 apiece right now - they are normally $12.99.

I think that wraps it up for now. I have truly LOVED having my garden this year. I haven't done as much in it as I would have liked - Jared watered it and kept the weeds down as often as I did - but some was definitely better than none!! There is just something about working/playing in the dirt, seeing the earthworms, smelling the earthiness.... Love it!

What are you loving today?

P.S. Rosebush info for myself for later on when I lose the tag :)
"Peace" - hybrid tea rose from Star Roses
Light: full sun
Water: water regularly until plant is well established. Needs well-drained soil.
Flowers: Very large, high-centered, yellow and pink flowers with a mild fruity fragrance and 40-45 petals
Spacing: Plant 2-3' apart
Size: Mature size is 4-7' tall x 2-3' wide
Goes well with: Plant with perennials, flowering shrubs, or other roses.

Oh yeah, and I finally got around to planting the shrub I bought from Walmart for 50% off a few months ago....
"Boxwood can be timmed to a variety of different shapes."
Light: 6+ hours of daily sun
Size: 3-5' tall x 3' wide
Water: 2-3 times per week until established
Tolerant: Hardy to -10*F

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