Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Senior Pics::Laura M::October 2

A couple of weeks ago, I got to take the senior pics of my good friends' daughter. It was tons of fun to visit with my old friends, get to know Laura, and photograph her with her favorite things. She told me that she felt like she had all of her important worldly possessions with her right then and there. She had her performing keyboard, her french horn, her car, a steam punk outfit that she made herself, and two other beautiful dresses. I learned that she had taken her ACT and was one point shy of getting a full ride scholarship to wherever she'd like to go; she said that she's going to retake the test to get a better score.

She amazed me, and her parents beamed with pride in her. It is so great when our children bloom into themselves and we get to watch that transformation with awe.

Her parents are also amazing. As I watch Jody's posts on facebook, it is easy to see that she and Leighn have been over and above supportive to their children. They are actively involved in marching band right along with their kids. In fact, while we were at the shoot, many calls were taken trying to square things away with the band's trailer. Kids get so much farther with parental guidance and help, and it is so true for this family.

Here are the pics from the shoot:

Thank you Jody, Leighn, and Laura for letting me take your senior pics for you! Laura, I wish you all the best and all the success and all of the joy that the world can give you!

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