Friday, June 1, 2012

Flowers, swinging, and stuff::June 1

My sage is in bloom! I don't think there is a more beautiful sight than sage in bloom. The bees agree with me and are constantly feeding. How I wish that I still had Steve's friend, Russ's, macro lens! I was thinking about purchasing a used one... but even used were $450. :( I settled for buying extension tubes & I hope that they work. I also hope they get here soon!

For now, I took my 50 mm lens out to play, and this is the picture we got:
Not too bad, but I plan on visiting more and taking more pictures in the upcoming days.

My irises are nearly finished blooming for the season. I went out a couple nights ago and took a few pictures. If ever I capture the true essence of an iris, I will be ecstatic! They are allusive! They are tall and regal, yet when I photograph them they look short and dumpy. This was the best I could come up with, this time around:
I plan on trying again and again until I can get it right! Better luck next year, huh?

A few days ago, we met Amber and Tino in the park and ate a snack and visited. After they left, Michael decided that he wanted to swing for a minute.
I haven't cemented our plans for today. It has already been a busy week full of doctor's visits and occupational therapy for Michael, so I am going to love a day at home! Maybe I'll mow the lawn, or clean the house, or weed the garden. The sky is the limit! ;) I love that Emily and Matt are home, so whatever I choose to do, they can help me with the neglected stuff.

So what are your plans for the day?

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