Thursday, May 31, 2012

Whew!! Graduation and the end of school makes time fly by, it is so busy!! But I'm back... with some pics of Jared, of course! Before graduation:
Receiving his diploma:
My future graduate:
After graduation, we went to the park and had cake with family:
Celebrations are always such a whirlwind! In addition to Jared's graduation last week, we decided that since my dad was in town for Jared's graduation, we'd get some of the family together to celebrate his upcoming 80th birthday.
And then, since it is hard to get everyone together in the first place, we decided that we should take a family pic of the family members that were there:
This week has been a mixture of trying to get in a routine w/ the kids home for summer break and doctor visits. Hopefully everything will fall into place easily and we can get into a routine soon! Have a wonderful day!

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