Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life on the macro level with MY new-to-me macro lens::June 6

After seeing how difficult macro extension tubes are (think hand saw as compared to the electric saw of a dedicated macro lens) I looked for a used lens in the classifieds. I found a beautiful Tamron lens that I got for half the price of the Canon lens, and I am LOVING it!
And for you gardeners, yes, that *is* morning glory climbing the sage plant..... I will be weeding today! Sometimes what makes a beautiful picture is not the same thing as what makes a healthy garden. ;)

And two from last night:
.... which brings me to the conclusion that the only problem with a macro lens... is seeing that the beautiful rose has aphids!
I hope that you have a happy day full of surprises that are not choking vines or bugs :)

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