Friday, December 2, 2011

Zoo Trip::The Fam

So on Wednesday there was a free zoo day, and since Michael already had an appt at Shriner's that same day in that same city, Steve took the day off from work, Emily & Matt took the day off from school, and since it was Tino, Amber, Josh, & Karen's day off of work, the whole family went. Well, except Jared, who had a presentation in school that day that he couldn't miss. We missed him. :'( But, we all had a great time anyway :)

As we got to the zoo, Amber asked me if I could be sure and get some couple shots of her and Tino. She told me that they are wanting to keep kind of a photo journal of the fun things they do through the year. So, if you notice that I took more of them than anyone else, you'll know why. :)

The first pic was our family pic... Steve is trying to get Emily to join in, but she is going through a stage where she doesn't want her pic taken. So the pics that I got of her were like this:

In her striped hat & backpack, it reminds me of a "Where's Waldo" pic. :)

Amber & Tino:

The family... and Waldo again :)

Amber, Tino, and the camel:

Amber, Tino, and a giraffe:

Don't you love it when the animals seem to pose for the pic too? :)

Burrito Aiden:

I thought this pic was really cute... until I saw the person bending over in the background. ha! One of the things they repeat over and over in photography class is to notice what is in the background; guess I need to be better at that part, huh?

More of Amber and Tino cuteness:

At the end of the trip, Josh and Karen wanted to get Aiden a souvenir from the gift shop. (It turned out he really liked the Panda :)

The End.

It has been forever since we went to the zoo! If you want to see those pics, here they are

Have a super weekend! :)

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  1. great pics. Seeing Tino in his shorts makes me freeze. And it is so true about a photo's background. That made me laugh!