Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a little bit of something

I have agonized over this post for weeks. Not that this is a *special* post, it is just when all of my photos have been used up and I'm left with n.o.t.h.i.n.g. Most people would just remain silent, but not me! ;)

Here is some family news:

Remember these kids?

We sold them the day before Christmas, which was a pretty good time for us, since we weren't done shopping for Christmas but our pocketbook said we were. I'll miss them though.

I think I've already told you, but I did my first *real for money* photo shoot about a week before Christmas. It was thrilling! I found that I really do like working with children, even especially the totally wiggly little boys. They are silly and make me laugh. Things went well, and next year I'll have a better idea of things to try and things to not do/use. You know how *that* goes. ;)

I read a book by Stephen King entitled, On Writing that I thought was fabulous! (minus the language...I had to watch myself very closely so that I didn't start swearing like the proverbial sailor after hanging out with that guy through his books for a few weeks!) I learned a lot and enjoyed it very much; I highly recommend it!

Today, Michael and I are headed off to his physical therapy session. He *loves* going to PT and *loves* his PT instructor. Afterwards will be lunch with Steve and perhaps a quick stop at a thrift store (as quick as *that* can be, anyway.)

Have a super great day, and I'll try to take some more pics for tomorrow. :)

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