Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Christmas Doll

Last night, after everything was darkish and hard to photograph, I decided that I better shoot something for today's post. Great timing, huh? Anyway, so I looked around the house for something of interest... and I realized that there was something special that I haven't shown or told about yet....

On Christmas day, Amber, Karen, Emily & I ran by my sister's house; she was expecting all of her children there by 5:30 for dinner. We brought with us a big plastic storage box full of my mom's porcelain dolls.

Early last summer, before my mom's health started failing, she was talking to me about what to give everyone for Christmas. I reminded her of her collection of porcelain dolls and said that I thought all of us girls would like one for our own, so that was the plan. (There are still some girls to get a doll, so if you are one of those girls, know that I will be getting together with you soon :)

We all chose a doll. It was interesting to see who took which. When it was my turn, I thought I'd have a hard time, since they were all so pretty, but there was one that stuck out for me; one that reminded me of me, a bit, and I wondered if that was why my mom bought it. Here she is:

My mom told me over and over, when I lived at home, that when I moved out she would have to get some dolls to keep her company, since she'd had her children with her for so many years. She did, too.

It was nice to be able to include her in our Christmas. This Christmas was a hard one for me, since I've always called and wished her a Merry Christmas early in the morning unless she got to it before I did and called me first. I hope that she had a nice Christmas too.

Anyway, as for the photography, this is the before-the-external-flash pic:

And then with a little flash, but not quite enough and it wasn't quite positioned right:

And then with the right amount of flash: (same pic as the first)

It feels like magic :) I truly love having the right tools for the job. (And thanks, Steve, for supporting me in photography, with the time and money. You are awesome! :)

Have a great day, and I hope that you have some magic in your life today, too! :)

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