Monday, August 1, 2011

Manic Monday - August 1st

Today is going to be an extra-full day. It is the day to go make plans with the mortuary and clean out Mom's nursing home room and do all of the odds and ends jobs we need to to get ready for the funeral on Thursday.

Not to mention that the test invitation (the one you print and get perfect before printing the whole batch) for Amber's wedding is supposed to be ready today for pick up.

All I need is a baby to be born in the next few weeks to feel that the whole circle of life is completed......

Tomorrow is supposed to be Michael's physical therapy - I may reschedule, depending on the PT's schedule. Wednesday is school registration. Thursday is the funeral. Friday? I think I'll collapse in a heap and take the weekend off.

There is no photography class this week, which I am truly grateful for. I'll just keep snapping pics for the "depth of field" assignment which is due next Wednesday (two classes next week).

Anyway, that is the agenda for my week. I hope that yours has a little more wiggle room.

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