Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Busy Busy Busy - August 2nd

Today will be a long day. My sibs and I will meet at the funeral home to pick out a headstone for our mom. Then the boys will leave, and my sister and I will dress our mom. Amber may come to help.

I got the funeral program written up last night and I need to take it to the printer and have them copy it for me; the bishop needs a copy this evening.

Then it will be on to WalMart to make sure that my kids have the clothes they need for the funeral, which will also work for the wedding: black pants and a white button down shirt for Michael and Matt is on my shopping list.

I will then finish up the digital photo frame that will hold as many pictures of my mom as Debbie and I can find.

And then, last, but not least, I will go through my house and find things that my mom has made for me to display tomorrow. My mom loved to crotchet and was very talented;she has crotcheted afghans for babies; snow people, wreathes, and candles for Christmas; and embroidered wall hangings. Her love is stitched in along with the yarn.

Yesterday was quite a day. Josh and Karen got into an accident when they were on their way to take Karen to the doctor. It seems that she is allergic to the pain medicine the ER put her on last week for her kidney stones. Her appt with the urologist is tomorrow at 9; I'm hoping that they can get in and back out quickly, since my mom's viewing starts at 9:30 and the funeral at 11.

Amber is bustling away trying to take care of wedding plans. We got the tester invitation back yesterday from the printers; it is really pretty. So now we need to order them, and perhaps order business cards with gift info on it to stuff in with the invitation.

As for me, I will rest when all of this is over. Maren and I were talking yesterday, and between the wedding, birthdays, & holidays we figure that I can rest and have a break down sometime after New Year, but then I'll have to get ahold of myself before my birthday on the 26th of Jan.

So I'm off! Time to shower, start a load of laundry, and get ready for a very full, emotion packed day. Take care and I'll see you on Friday.

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